Saturday, 20 of December of 2014

BalanBot’s first steps.

Friday at the RoboGames. More videos coming soon!

Wish us luck for tomorrow.


RoboGames 2010. Before.

So, we finally made it. After two days of intense last minute work, missing trains and plains, we made it to San Mateo. But first some background (We haven’t been socializing that much lately so I guess I will update the people that have seen us going through this)

Angel Hernandez and I were invited to participate in the RoboGames 2010 by David Calkins, the guy who organizes it. This was exactly two weeks ago. A Friday. A little short on time? We ran from office to office at SLU looking for sponsors. A couple of teachers agreed to give us some money for plane tickets, hotels and robot parts. David opened the registration website again for us and we signed up for three categories. Angel’s TupperBot for Best of the Show, my BalanBot for a balancing robot race, and a ribbon climber that we had to build from scratch.

IMG_36452 Angel had to go be in Spain the whole week working in the Campus Party, so while the new parts for the BalanBot got shipped I started working in the Ribbon Climber. Surprisingly by the time Angel got back to St. Louis the ribbon climber was working pretty well and ready to get all the electronics (power and communication with the base computer).

The TupperBot was also working great, as always. The BalanBot.. not so well. I think we were too fast in signing up for something we didnt have yet.

The last two days we still hadn’t started working on the BalanBot (We were probably scared that it wasn’t gonna work) and the Ribbon Climber had some trouble with the regular 9V batteries (too much current for alcaline).

We spent Wednesday from 3pm to Thursday 10am working in the lab without stopping. That’s 19 hours straight; college style. On Starbucks ice coffee and sandwiches brought to us by Jessi (Thank you!). Angel finished the electronics for the Ribbon Climber but we still had to buy some better batteries (Lithium?), and I wrote the whole BalanBot software from scratch. The old software was decent but it had been so long that I didnt remember enough of how it worked to adapt it to the new hardware. By 9am the BalanBot was working kiiiiind of like it did months ago. Still needed a lot of PID tuning. Still didn’t stand, basically.

At 9am Thursday we ran to Office Depot, Radio Shack, back to the lab, then to my house to do laundry, then back to the lab to pack half of the stuff we might need, then back to my house to put the laundry in the drier, then shiiitt we had like an hour to catch a metro to the airport.IMG_3650

We missed the metro that would have taken us to the airport on time. This was in part due to a very slow guy walking downstairs in front of us, and in part due to me and angel trying to pay for the tickets with a $10 bill and a credit card at the same time, which confused the hell out of the machine. We finally made it to the airport and.. missed the plane.  The guy from Delta rescheduled us to the next flight. The flight was insane. Horrible. Like every flight I guess. But without sleeping the night before. It didnt help that much.

But we made it. We finally made it to the hotel, slept a little bit and this morning catched the shuttle to the RoboGames. Wow that was longer than expected.

1D Heat transfer in a fin

This is a program that calculates the heat transfer in a fin using node equations in 1D.

The program show a graphical representation of the temperature evolution and plots the temperature distribution across the fin.

Conduction and convection are taken into account. Parameters like fin dimensions and physical properties of the material and surroundings are customizable.

It was done for Heat Transfer class project in 2010.

Heat transfer in a fin


So I found this while looking around my old projects.
It’s an old song I started in Seville in 2006. The guitars were recorded by Ryan Panzarella in Madrid in 2008. It was about time to finish it!

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Almost 7

First post. First song.
Most of these are old ones, but I figured they had to be somewhere, so, there.

Name: Almost 7

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When: Sometime in 2008. Me and Ryan Panzarella made this one morning after some weird party. Cool ending for an awesome night.